Everyone Deserves a Path to Better Mental Health

All it takes is a glance at the day’s news to see how mental health issues impact our community and our nation. People need help. Now.

We’re not waiting around.

Addressing mental health needs to be done at an individual and community level. Enter COUNSELING 180, where people, couples, and families get connected to the care they need. It’s so easy and the price is right: Volunteer for one hour in exchange for an appointment with a great counselor.

It really is that simple.

Volunteer One Hour; Get a One Hour Counseling Session

Volunteer One Hour; Get a One Hour Counseling Session

We partner with Denver Family Institute to help people in
our community get help with:

  • relationship issues
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • and more

We can even provide advocacy and case management.


At the cornerstone of all we do is an idea we call “DIGNIFICATION”®. Simply put DIGNIFICATION is the use of mutual exchange to affirm inherent self worth - recognizing everyone has something to offer and finding creative ways for people to give of themselves in exchange for what they need....a meal, a job, a home, a connection.